Panopta Identity & marketing Site

Working within a lean start-up team means having a side hustle & wearing many different hats. Besides leading product design at Panopta, I have been acting as the company's stand-in creative director. 


During this time, I've helped reshape the Panopta brand to be more in line with our product, defined brand standards, lead creative direction for our site redesign, and upheld the creation of all marketing collateral & graphics.

Panopta Branding Guidelines

Site Redesign

Panopta's most significant marketing accomplishment to date is the complete revamp of our marketing site. The main goals of this project were to bring the product to the forefront of the story we're trying to communicate and to increase lead conversions.


Throughout this project, I managed the overall creative direction, initial style boards, sitemap/IA, wireframing, and creation of graphics/illustrations.

High Fidelity Mockups

Sitemap & Wireframes

Sitemap & Wireframes

Illustrations & Product Graphics

Below is a collection of some of the illustrations and product graphics I have created over my time with Panopta. If you’re interested in seeing more check out the Panopta website - all current graphics on the site were created by me.