Panopta Mobile App

As lead UX/UI designer on this project, I balanced the available technology, business goals, and user needs to create an effective solution that helps solve incident response and remediation problems IT professionals deal with daily.


The Panopta mobile application gives IT Teams full insight into their infrastructure while on-the-go. You can receive outage/warning notifications, put your servers into maintenance, collaborate with teammates, view on-call schedules, and get quick access to infrastructure performance data.

User Flows

Wireframe & Prototype

With an application map and primary user flows, wireframes were built to visualize the following workflows: logging into the application, viewing on-call schedules, performing remediation tasks, viewing incident details, approving automated runbooks, and messaging teammates. 


Following wireframes, I built a prototype and performed numerous rounds of usability testing with existing customers and teammates, all helping to improve interactions & UI, categorize information more effectively, and validate hypotheses.

Filtering Incidents, Accessing Settings,
and Viewing On-Call Schedules

Viewing Runbook Details & Approving Automation

Performing Remediation Actions &
Communicating with Teammates